Is there a touring band coming through, an organization you're excited about supporting, or a new record coming out that needs a release show? Maybe you wanna do a zine swap or a locals-only showcase. Whatever the reason, we would love to help your through the process of booking. We have an online form that you will need to fill out in order to reserve the space for your show. Here is an overview of the questions on that form:
1. What date do you wanna book?
we used to have regular days available each month, but for now we can book on weekend dates that are totally available (no other bookings in the building) according to the DC's calendar
2. What bands/artists will play? (Include lyrics, bandcamps, etc.)
3. What org will your show be a benefit for?

Other important things to keep in mind about booking the DC:
➔PLEASE promote your show! Make a flyer (we can photocopy it for you to pass out at shows and are happy to share it on our website/socials/college radio shows)
➔When considering bands and artists for your show, please consider how your lineup reflects the larger community with respect to things like gender, cultural and racial backgrounds, queer identities, and more. How can you involve artists you may not have worked with before in other aspects of your show, such as designing your flyer or tabling? Where will you promote your show to reach a larger audience? How can we better center the creativity of people who are often not included in punk and DIY bands?
➔Shows at the DC can be booked for just $50. Because the space is so inexpensive, we ask that bookers treat each show as a benefit, with $50-150+ going towards the Booking Collective or another organization of your choice. For ALL shows, PLEASE contact the organization you are donating to to let them know/see if they want to send over any brochures or have a presence at the show. You also must advertise that it’s a benefit.
For some ideas of orgs we recommend and other info on benefits, click here

If you've read this page and still wanna book a show, click here!