Main Links!

  • Grassroots Organizations and Causes
    A list of active organizations that we have - or would like to - host benefits for!

    Ideas and air-purifier-sharing to help make shows safe(r)!

  • The Democracy Center
    The main site of the building we do shows in! There are lots of other events and organizations that utilize the space -- check out their site to learn more.

  • Venues, infoshops, and other radical spaces

  • Lucy Parsons Center
    A radical bookstore and infoshop on Centre St in JP

  • Cambridge Community Center
    A community space located in the Coast neighborhood of Cambridge. They host a number of youth programs, a food pantry, a community fridge and garden, as well as shows and other events.

  • Show listings and other music-related links

  • Boston Shows.Org
    Upcoming live music in the Cambridge, MA vicinity.

  • Safe in a Crowd
    Massachusetts Hardcore and Punk Show Listings

  • WMBR Concert Report
    MIT's college radio station has a comprehensive list of shows they keep updated

  • Boston Groupie News
    Show listings, interviews, lots of old Boston punk photos and more

  • Massachusetts Punk Flyers
    Huge archive of flyers, photos, and general punk show history in Boston

  • NB Rock.Net
    History/archive of New Bedford bands. Includes flyers, demo downloads, and more.

  • Stuff to check out before a show/in the area

  • Big Dig Records
    A record store on Mass Ave in Cambridge.

  • Armageddon Records
    Record store with locations in Harvard Square and Providence! Very close to the DC.

  • Circus Cooperative Cafe
    Worker-owned cafe, about a 10 min walk from the DC.

  • Independent and College Radio

  • 88.1 FM WMBR (MIT)

  • 90.3 FM WZBC (Boston College)

  • 91.5 WMFO (Tufts)

  • 95.3 FM WHRB (Harvard)