There are a few different ways to get involved in putting on shows at the DC.


Volunteers may be asked to help with set-up (bringing our PA upstairs, setting up merch tables, and helping to direct bands), clean-up (breaking down the PA, sweeping floors, putting items away), and general help during the show. If you volunteer, you won't be asked to donate (but you can) and you'll likely be able to watch some of the bands that play.

Once you've volunteered once, you're able to book shows here indefinitely. We rely on a variety of bookers to ensure that many different types of bands get the opportunity to play here, so it's awesome whenever someone new can get involved this way. It's also extremely helpful for the bookers and the collective members to have the extra help!

In addition to booking and staffing shows, there are also a few behind-the-scenes projects that may pop up such as maintaining our PA, making signage, and promoting shows.

To get started as a volunteer, fill out this form to introduce yourself, or just come to a show to volunteer! Drop-in volunteers usually show up about an hour before doors (6pm) but if you want to come later that's cool too.

For folks who are looking to be more involved in decision-making, long-term volunteering, and big-picture plans for shows at the DC, we would LOVE to have you. But the first step is truly having a presence at shows and getting to know the ins and outs of the space. Come through and let's work together to keep shows happening here!


Our booking form will walk you thru the whole process, but here is a brief outline of how to book a show at the DC:

  1. Check the calendar to see if the date is available
  2. Send us bands you plan on asking (include links to bandcamps, lyrics, etc)
  3. Volunteer at one DC show before your's
  4. Promote your show. (We're happy to help!)
  5. Staff your show -- including setup, managing set times and crowd control, and cleanup after.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Please don't start booking or promoting your show until it's been approved! We need to make sure the date it available, that there are collective members able to staff, and that the bands and show are in alignment with our safe(r) space guidelines.
  • When choosing bands and artists for your show, please consider how your lineup reflects the larger community with respect to things like gender, racial backgrounds, queer identities, and more. How can you involve musicians you may not have worked with before? What about in other aspects of your show, such as designing your flyer or tabling? Where will you promote your show?
  • Shows at the DC can be booked for just $50. Because the space is so inexpensive, we ask that bookers treat each show as a benefit, with $50-150+ going towards the Booking Collective or another organization of your choice.
    Here is a list of organizations that we recommend!

Here is a copy of our Booking Agreement, with more detailed information about the space.

If this all sounds do-able, click here to fill out our booking form!